Why I broke up with Substack — and moved to ConvertKit.

Once lovers. Now we’re just friends.

Dylan R.


I’ve been writing a lot about newsletter platforms lately.

Particularly Substack & ConvertKit — the two I happen to have the most experience with. Substack was where I launched my newsletter in January 2021.

And then switched to ConvertKit 9 months later.

I broke up with Substack one year ago.

But the cheating started far earlier.

I was having an affair with another email platform — ConvertKit — but I wasn’t even using it to publish my newsletter. I just needed a landing page for a lead magnet. ConvertKit fit the bill with their free landing page builder.

Substack didn’t have a suitable option…

So I launched my lead magnet & landing page with ConvertKit. And over the course of a month, I got ~150 new subscribers.

I exported that list of new subscribers and moved them over to Substack and continued publishing there for a few more months.

All the while I couldn’t forget about the experience I had building and launching the ConvertKit landing page. I couldn’t get it out of my head. And turns out there were even more options for newsletter publishing with ConvertKit:

  • more styling options
  • more tags & segmentation options
  • more automation options

I knew my time with Substack was coming to an end.

And it was bittersweet.

Without Substack, I may have never started a newsletter. It was simple, free, and painless to start.

Whenever I mention that my newsletter started on Substack but switched to ConvertKit, someone always asks, “Why?”

The 3 Main Reasons I dumped Substack for ConvertKit



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