The Top 5 Email Newsletter Platforms — and the one you should choose.

Dylan R.
10 min readApr 19, 2022

(This post contains an affiliate link or two. I only promote links to products I use + love OR I know are quality products.)

You did it.

You finally decided to start a newsletter. Fireworks!

But now you need to make another choice: what platform should I publish on? So many options — so much paralysis.


What about beehive? “So hot right now…”

The Double-Edged Sword of Choice

We have a lot of options.

And those choices are a double-edged sword: you’ll eventually pick one — but it’ll take way longer than when you had MailChimp as the only robust + free option.

Below I’ll cover 5 of the most popular email newsletter options along with their Benefits + Limitations.

But here’s the tl;dr…

Don’t need to waste time trying to find the “right” option. Because you know what? The right option is the one that gets you started.

Before we start — some caveats:

  • This isn’t an exhaustive list of every newsletter and/or email marketing option out there. Lord knows none of us need that.
  • This isn’t an exhaustive breakdown of every single feature on these platforms. I’ll stick with some relevant features for the beginner or intermediate publisher.


The Long & Short Of It

Mailchimp’s been around since 2001 (and now owned by Intuit). It’s been the default ESP for many businesses starting out thanks to its free account option. They do almost everything for almost every type of business. I’m starting with them because well… they were here first. They’ve earned the right.


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