Don’t Start A Blog. Start A Newsletter.

Dylan R.
4 min readFeb 24, 2022

I love Twitter.


I saw someone tweet about starting a blog and thought, “why don’t they start a newsletter instead?”

So I tweeted it out.

The tweet went mini-viral with some excellent engagement (take a scroll through the replies). Lots of support — but also a lot of people hating on the idea.

But here’s the thing…

What the haters missed was one word: “START.”

Look — I get the purpose and value of a blog. It’s a proven method to build a business. Don’t hear what I’m not saying. I did not say “NEVER start a blog” — that’s not it at all.

BUT I firmly, strongly, desperately believe if you’re at the starting line deciding what to do: START A NEWSLETTER FIRST.

Here’s why.


REASON #1: Collecting emails is the point

Starting here is key. If you read no other points below — please read this one: starting a newsletter leapfrogs whatever you will do with a blog at the beginning:

» » » Collecting email addresses is [quite often, almost always] the point.

Everyone starts with zero newsletter subscribers. But you publish, you promote, you get a few subscribers. You’re off to the races.

Your blog will also start with zero readers. You will publish, promote, and get a few eyeballs. But then what? They poke around and bounce. They’re gone and you may never get them back. Wouldn’t it have been awesome to get their email address so you could nurture that relationship with a newsletter — oh.

Worth repeating: Collecting email addresses is [quite often, almost always] the point.

REASON #2: A newsletter IS a blog



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